The MiracleSkirt by Hey Bootiful

Forming Your Body into its Optimal Shape

When it comes to the way you feel beneath your favourite attire, Hey-Bootiful remains dedicated towards ensuring that every woman has a miraculous solution that leaves her feeling sleek, shapely, comfortable, and most importantly, beautiful. For that very reason, we’re proud to introduce the MiracleSkirt – designed by women, for women.

The MiracleSkirt features unrivalled compression that helps to smooth out your belly, hips and thighs underneath your attire for the ultimate shape and fit. For our team here at Hey-Bootiful, nothing is more important to us than empowering women to feel courageous enough to flaunt their bodies with confidence, bravery, and pride.

Targeting The Right Areas

We know the areas that women want to target, and we understand just how our MiracleSkirt should look underneath your Dermawear. We’ve focused the efforts of our compression around the thighs, hips, and rear to ensure that your body looks and feels tight underneath your clothing.

We understand that no two women are the same, which is why we’re proud to claim that our MiracleSkirt is perfect for a diverse range of shapes and sizes. We want every woman to know that with a Hey-Bootiful product, they’ll always find the satisfaction they’re looking for. With a variety of options available, you can always find the right fit for your unique shape.

Quality Fabric

We’re constantly driven to deliver a quality product – and in order to do that, we need to ensure that the fabrics we use are of the highest quality. We’ve worked hard to source the finest fabrics that we could find in order to deliver a one of a kind product that offers the durability, the comfort, and the style that women deserve.

The MiracleSkirt features provides women with a comfortable compression skirt that offers functionality and design. With a unique slit style, our MiracleSkirt offers something lightweight, breathable, and form-fitting all at the same time. You can choose the right size for your unique body without having to worry about a drop in quality or durability. Made from Polyamide Spandex, our MiracleSkirt helps to retain your look with fabric that shapes and moulds your body evenly, while providing a level of comfort like no other.

A Product That You Can Depend On

Our team of designers have worked hard to ensure that we could deliver not only a product that all women can depend on, but one that empowers women to look and feel their best each and every day. We want you to rest assure that you’re purchasing a product that you can depend on. Remember, you are Bootiful, you just need confidence, comfort, and empowerment to tell the world.

With top-notch quality, affordable prices, and a guarantee directly from Hey-Bootiful, you can feel confident with your purchase. And then, when you finally receive your product, you can feel comfortable and powerful everyday. It’s time to celebrate women by giving them a solution that tones their body into the perfect look – it’s as if it were a miracle.

  • MiracleSkirt
  • Top-Quality Fabric (Polyamide Spandex)
  • Lightweight
  • Hip & Thigh Compression