Sizing Guide

Get the right size!

Miracle Skirt works great in reshaping and molding your body free of bulges and extra bumps.

However, getting your Miracle Skirt in the wrong size can dispel any benefit it might have given you. Buy your Miracle Skirt in too large a size and you won’t get any shaping from it. Buy it in a size too small and you’ll only get extra bulges from being squeezed and go blue in the face due to a lack of oxygen.

How To Measure Yourself

Inches Waist - Min to Max Hips - Min to Max
XS 22" to 24" 26" to 30"
S 23" to 31" 29" to 34"
M 30" to 34" 33" to 40"
L 33" to 38" 39" to 44"
XL 37" to 44" 43" to 48"

Start off by measuring your waist. Measure the area of your waist where you would wear the Miracle Skirt.


Keep your feet together and measure fullest part of the hip without making it too tight.
P/S :Don’t forget to measure the fullest part of the hip including your booty


For comfort fit, choose the size based on the maximum measurement and for tight fit choose the size closer to the minimum measurement. 


The Length of the skirt does not affect the cut or fit as it comes in a regular length based on the size you choose . Tip: The purpose of a Shapewear when worn under an outfit is to be unseen.

Pro Tip: For instance, if your measurements are waist = 30" and hip = 34" hip, choose a S for a tight fit and a M for comfort fit.

Still Confused? Need Help?

Kindly DM / Email us with your measurements and we'll be happy to assist !

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